Agriturismo Borgo con Quercia
Borgo con Quercia (hamlet with oak tree) is a rustic spot on one of te foothills off the Appennines in Umbria between historic towns Montelone d'Orvieto and Città della Pieve.
Montelone d'Orvieto listed as one of the most beautiful small Borgo in Italy. 
Montelone d'Orvieto -> An island of brick in a sea of green. 
Città della Pieve is about 3 km in the other direction and is also a lively citadel with a large number of delicious restaurants and some cosy bars and terraces.
Other special places in the area include thermal baths, Lake Trasimeno, Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Florence and Rome. All can be visited for 1 day.
Besides enjoying the peace, views and nature, you can also enjoy hiking and biking in the area.
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